My keynote speeches and workshops are engaging, fun and meaningful. If you are looking to create lasting memories and markable change for your audience, you've come to the right place.

Below find my areas of expertise. I deliver keynote speeches and workshops on all of the below ares. Every message is tailored to the audience. If you don't find what you're looking for, that's quite all right! Just ask, there's a good chance I can tailor something specifically for your group.


Owning Leadership

My good friend Kelly Barnes (a phenomenal speaker) regularly says, "show up on purpose with a purpose." It's become one of my favorite quotes. Anymore, just showing up isn't enough. If we want to own leadership (and not let it own us) we have to show up on purpose with a purpose and own leadership.  


the middle matters

Even with all the best of intentions, it seems as though middle management is often overlooked. They get pressure from both ends - their team and their managers. This constant squeeze increases stress and decreases performance. If company performance matters, then we have to make the middle matter. 


It's about time: Maximizing millennials 

"How do we engage and retain our millennials?" There's no silver bullet or magic formula. The answer is simple, yet difficult: time. It's about time. Investing in your people is no different for any generation. People are people and that hasn't changed. So what do we do with that time? That's what we unfold in this message. 


womanly always - discouraged never

Being a woman in the workplace has many challenges and greater opportunity. It's so important that, as women, we go into the workplace confident, embracing who we are, and never being discouraged despite any challenges. How do you do that? I draw on my experience  as a minority woman in a male dominated industry and share how being different was my greatest competitive edge.