Maternity Leave Blog - An Epic Fail

I’ve been trying to write this blog for 2 months. 

I had hopes of writing this signature, “maternity leave is over” blog post. To put a stamp on the close of my maternity leave and the entrance back into running Point One Development. Ha. 

I’ve come to realize that maternity leave is kind of a misnomer. When you become a parent, you no longer get “leave”. It’s full time all the time, and you put in over time. 

I never stopped running Point One. And I’m still being a mommy full time. That’s the life of a mom - especially a self-employed one. 

This season of life (married with two kids - 2 years old and under - while building a house after a cross country move) has been the most difficult season in my life. 

It’s also the most rewarding. Seriously never been more filled up. (And fed up at times...toddler tantrums are no joke, man). 

I’ve loved being a mom to Audrie and seeing her personality flourish. Two years old is a tough age. But it’s also a pretty cool one too.

And seeing her interact with Ella our new baby has been magical. 

Business hasn’t exactly paused which is a blessing. During my 40-week appointment with Ella I told my OB I couldn’t deliver anytime soon because I had a client project I needed to wrap up. I wasn’t joking. 

I delivered Ella at 41 weeks. I had to be induced. I finished the project before then though. 

Since Ella’s birth, I’ve had lots of sleepless nights. Some because I have a baby awake in my arms and other times just because it was the only time I had to think and reflect and dream. 

I’ve always been a dreamer. I just didn’t realize I’d live out all my dreams at once. It’s an amazing blessing. 

I’ve always dreamed of making a living out of speaking. I feel so blessed to do it now. 

I’ve always dreamed of being self-employed. I still can’t believe I get to do it now. 

I didn’t always dream of being a mom…just never had that innate mom gene. But now that I am one, I pinch myself I get to do it now. 

I’ve also dreamed of being involved in women’s ministry and God has been faithful in following through on the desires He placed in my heart. 

Here’s to this season of life. A season filled with dreams fulfilled and dreams ignited despite the sleepless nights. 

I would say I’m sharing this marketing video as launch out of maternity leave and  into speaking and facilitating full time again. But that notion that mom-life is slowing or shifting and speaking is picking up is false – a pipe dream perse. I’m just being stretched to do more and dream more instead. 

Laila Down