How to Be Present

Ever feel like life is just freaking nuts? 

Yea, me too. In the last 6 weeks, I have: 

  • sold our home in Iowa, 
  • trained a toddler to sleep in her big girl bed because she climbed out of her crib, 
  • had a baby, 
  • packed up said house, 
  • moved to Oklahoma,
  • unpacked into rental, 
  • setup plans to build a house, 
  • helped a toddler adjust to a new state (literally and emotionally), 
  • joined a new church community, 
  • oh ya, cared for newborn baby, 
  • and tried to be a wife amidst it all.

I’ve tried at the wife part and failed pretty miserably by the way. 

Despite all of that, I’ve been trying to prep for my oldest turning 2 years old. And by prep, I mean sorting through the 10,000 pictures I’ve taken over the last 2 years for one of those Snapfish books. (Mine will be an encyclopedia). And prepping emotionally too, of course. 

As I sorted through pictures I looked back on the last 24 months and I already feel nostalgia. And I’ve faced how much I already miss having those moments of pure joy and equally as much endless crankiness and sleepless nights. 

I can already sense that part of me has realized that in some ways I missed some moments. I was too caught up in meaningless details and picked far too many battles. 

I’ve spent too much time worrying. Too much time organizing. I’ve realized that I spent too much time cleaning and not enough time clinging. Clinging to the moment that was right in front of me.

Don’t get me wrong, I was there.

But, oh, how I wish I had even a few more of those sweet moments. So, moving forward, now what? How do I continue to get more of my moments? How do I get less of the crappy ones? 

Not long ago, I asked some dear friends, how can I enjoy and be present with the creation if I’m not present with the Creator?


Have you ever thought about that? How can you fully and deeply connect with nature or people or yourself even if you aren’t tapped into the One who created it all? 

And I mean the fully, deeply part. Sure, you can connect and meditate and feel a connection with, on the surface, the creation. 

But, if you’re like me and you want the full connection that invades all else, you need the Creator for that. 

I need more intentional presence with The Lord. If I want to feel and experience and sit in the joy of the moment more, I have to walk into the presence of God. 

No, scratch that, I have to race into it. A mere walk isn’t enough. Too much to distract me. I need a full on sprint into time with God. 

For me, time with God is reading the Bible, journaling out my prayers, or conversations, with God, listening to music that sings out His Word and positions my heart toward God. 

Do you long to be more present with creation? 

If so, what does time with our Creator look like for you? 





Laila Down