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Hi there. I'm Laila Hajji Down. I'm a professional speaker.


I am a professional speaker with over a decade of experience engaging and motivating audiences. I got my start in Agricultural Education and FFA. I also have corporate experience in business-to-business sales managing a multimillion dollar territory in the seed and crop protection industry. I draw on all of my experiences to create fun, insightful and moving messages. 

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I'm a wife, mom and CEO of a development company. Most "office days" look like this. (Total sarcasm - office days aren't nearly this cute and put together). 



I have spoken to over 150,000 people in 45 states and around the globe. 

I am deeply passionate about inspiring collegiate and high school student leaders, transforming the paradigms of middle management, challenging the status quo of corporate generation conversations, and stirring the hearts of women in the workplace to lead more authentic lives. It's humbling to me that I get the opportunity to live out my passion.

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